Mobile Add-ons (for our existing Mobile App Customers only)

TOM-PA 9 Migration Charges

Migration from Tom-Pa 4.5 to TOM-PA 9.
Price Rs.1000 | Qty

Additional Company for Tally On Mobile [New V 4.5]

Additonal companies to be handled simultaneously in Tally On Mobile [New V 4.5].
Price Rs.150 | Qty

Device Changing Charges

To allow TOM-Pa.4.5 another device then the one right now registered.
Price Rs.50 | Month

Tally On Touch

"Voucher Entry + Report Viewer"
Price Rs.4500 | Qty

Tally On Touch

"Only + Report Viewer"
Price Rs.2700 | Qty

Payment For Customization

"Payment For Ad-Hoc Order"
Price Rs.100 | Qty

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