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Tally Add-ons

Vertical / Business Specific Solutions:-

Z+ Security For Data - (SP1)

allows to lock your data in special way to prevent it to be open EVEN IF correct username and password used
INR 4500 + GST

Tally Crm - (SP2)

Get all that u need to efficiently manage Leads. It provides much wanted features like meking Enquiries, tracking them in quotation further tracking quotations to order and so on .. Gives various analysis for sales managers and owners.
INR 4500 onwards + GST

Executive Wise Analysis - (SP3)

Gives details on sales, commission and related info for sales reps
INR 4500 onwards + GST

Barcode Module - (SP4)

Complete integration of Barcode based masters, vouchers and lable management
INR 4500 onwards + GST

Special Module For Pos - (SP5)

Full package for Retaiers / Malls / Show rooms
INR 9000 onwards + GST

Special Module For Jewellers - (SP6)

Whole lot of features from barcode to sp. Trading ac
INR 9000 onwards + GST

Special Module For Furniture Dealers - (SP7)

fulfills almost all needs of a plywood / hardware shop
INR 9000 onwards + GST

Complete Sms Module - (SP8)

Full fledged "user definable" template designer, master and all needs to fulfill ALL VOUCHER Push notifications from within Tally
INR 9000 onwards + GST

360 Degree Module For Mobile Disti/dealers - (SP9)

From master integration and voucher based "serial extraction" to IMEI tracking and executive / shop wise reporting.
INR 9000 onwards + GST

Tailored Dashboards - (SP10)

Industry standarad dashboard PLUS "one screen" reporting to cover your own specific summary reporting requirements
INR 9000 onwards + GST

Module For Vitrified Tiles Manufacturer / Sellers - (SP11)

Completes all shortfalling needs for management of Vitrified Tiles manufacturing business management
INR 1800 onwards + GST

Special Featured Module For Manufactureres - (SP12)

Covers many needs of a "process based industry" from master mapping till QC, Order management, BoM analysis, Material Planning, etc ..